Not Receiving Availability for Push Sellers

Below you will find a list of the most common reasons availability is not being displayed for push Sellers, as well as steps you can take in order to establish the reason for that.

The most common reasons you are not obtaining availability in for push Sellers are:

  • The rates/rooms might be deactivated. Deactivated rates and rooms will appear highlighted in red. In the SetUp, please make sure that the rates/rooms are not deactivated.


  • There is no product loaded for the rates/rooms you are trying to obtain availability for. If no product is loaded, then you will not obtain availability.
  • The dates you have chosen have Close Sales enabled. You should also make sure that the start date does not coincide with a day that has sales set up as Close On Arrival. You should make sure that the end day does not coincide with a day that has sales set up as Close On Departure.


    Days with Close Sales appear highlighted in red. Days with sales Closed On Arrival and/or Closed On Departure will be highlighted in a different kind of green. Moreover, the checkbutton will be applied to the close sales applied, if any.

  • Booking limit has not been loaded correctly.
  • The search conditions do not coincide with what has been loaded for the rates/rooms. Please make sure that the search criteria coincide with the conditions that have been loaded for the rates/rooms.