I have received the following error message: "No valid accesses found" in my response. What does it mean?

Once a Buyer performs a request using our Hotel-X API, TravegateX's system verifies that the criteria settings, such as "context", "access", "client" are the ones configured for this account. 
Please check the following points in order to ensure that the data you have entered is as expected : 
  • API Key 
  • Access
  • Client (verify that the client belongs to the same Hotel-X folder as the access)
  • Test mode (if the access you are trying to test is marked as test ones, you have to set up this value as "true", set up as "false" would mean that the access is a live environment access)
You can find more information about your account settings at our API documentation using our Admin Queries.  Once all the aforementioned points have been checked but the issue persists, please submit it in our Help Centre.