Optimize Huge % No Availability

Are you experiencing Huge % No Availability with a Supplier? Normally, when you experience a Huge % of No Availability with a Supplier is due to having mapped on your side Hotels that the Supplier dont’ have enabled for you, due to requesting dates where the hotels are closed or due to requesting Availability for Markets not allowed for some specific Hotels.

Please find below a couple of tips to convert “No Availability” to “Results”, ordered by importance:

  • Ensure with the Supplier the number of hotels that you should receive per feed (B2B, B2C). When you receive it, download the Supplier Hotel List through TGX, and finally, if the number of hotels received are around the number confirmed by the supplier, you have to unmap absolutely all the hotels and map only those ones that you just received through our Hotel List.

    In case the number of hotels received through TGX is completely different than the number of hotels the Supplier sent you, please create us a ticket so we can check the discrepancy. Before creating the ticket, please note that if you work with our Legacy API, since the begginings of 2020 we deliver new connections with a parameter called “HotelXAccessCode”. If you received this parameter on the XML Credentials delivery, it’s very important that you don’t remove it. In fact, you musn’t modify the XML Configuration you were delivered.

    Remember, how and when the portoflio is updated on TGX: https://knowledge.travelgatex.com/portfolio-update-how-and-when

  • Ensure with the Supplier if there are Hotels or Hotels Chains that are only Available for specific Markets or Nationalities. If so, you should consider this on your side, because maybe you have an specific Hotel Chain that doesn’t offer product to the Spanish Market, and you receive No Availability by the fact of sending in the Requests the “ES” Market.

  • Ensure with the Supplier if there are some specific Hotels or Hotel Chains that are closed on some specific dates or seasons.

  • Ensure with the Supplier if they have a mínimum stay for some specific Hotels or Hotel Chains.