Portfolio update, how and when?

Were you informed by your supplier that they updated your portfolio, but you still don’t see changes when you perform the Hotel List method? Please note the following points:

• On TGX we update the portfolio to add new hotels every 14 days.
• Old hotels that are not returned anymore by the supplier are removed every 30 days.

This means that:

• If you had 100’000 hotels with your supplier, and they remove you 50’000 of them, those ones will removed automatically in a maximum of 30 days.
• If you had 50’000 hotels with your supplier and they add you 50’000 more, they will be added automatically in a maximum of 14 days.

We recommend you to do not use the hotel codes provided directly from the supplier (in case they send you a CSV file with them), because sometimes, depending on the integration requirements we concatenate the city/destination code to the hotel code.