Price Changes in Booking Flow

Price change from Search to Quote

In some cases, there might be variations in the prices returned from Search to Quote. This changes occur when a Seller updates prices in Search and it means that the latest and most up-to-date price is returned in Quote .

Please note that the correct booking price is always the value returned in Quote since it is the one the Buyer accepts prior to confirming the booking.

Price change from Quote to Book

  • Case 1: The price in Book is lower than the price in Quote

The selling price will be the one returned in Quote, as it is the one that was accepted by the Buyer when making the reservation.

  • Case 2: The price in Book is higher than the price in Quote
    • Case 2.1: The Seller allows DeltaPrice and the Buyer allows a price change through the deltaPrice parameter.

A price change of up to n is allowed by the Buyer through the DeltaPrice parameter. Thus, when making the booking the Buyer should pay the Seller the price returned in the book response. An error will be returned if the new price does not abide to the DeltaPrice.

    • Case 2.2: The Seller allows DeltaPrice and the Buyer does not allow price change.

      In this case we will return an error, as the Buyer does not permit a price higher than the one already returned in Quote.

    • Case 2.3: The Seller does not allow DeltaPrice.

      If the Seller returns a higher price in Book than the one returned in Quote, then the difference should be reported as you have not specified the price can be changed. In this case the Seller has to cover the price change.

The Delta Price indicates the price variation permitted by the Buyer. If DeltaPrice is not sent and the integration implements it, we assume that the price range is 0 and the process will continue (price is lower or equal to the price returned in Quote). This field is implemented if it’s native to the Seller or if another Search/Quote request needs to be done in Book - more information in our Schema.


Please bear in mind that TravelgateX cannot guarantee that the price is returned in Book since it is something that depends on the Seller, and unless they provide us the price in their response, there is no way for us to return it to you.