All about price, commission and binding prices

How to interpret price information at TravelgateX

If you are wondering how or where to get the Rate Commission % through Hotel-X API you are in the right place!

Every option has a price and every price indicates its currency, amount, if it is binding as well as the commission. We will also return the markup applied over the supplier price whenever provided.

How should I interpret the value in the field "commission"?

Hotel-X always returns the "Net" and the "Gross" price for each rate, so order to get the exact % of commission you should calculate it manually with those 2 values provided: the Net and the Gross amount. Note that if you agree with the Seller to receive net prices, both the gross and net values will coincide.

  • Commission:
    • Commission = 0: the price returned is a net price.
    • Commission = -1: the Seller has not provided the sale price (PVP) nor the commission. Commission has been agreed at a contractual level with the Seller.
    • Commission is greater than 0: X = % of the commission that is applied to the amount.
  • Binding:

Public sale price (Spanish PVP) is the price at which you should sell the hotel to your customer.

If binding is set as true, it means that the Buyer must sell the hotel at least at the price provided by the Seller, not less. If it’s set as false, the Buyer can sell the product for a lower price than the one returned by them.

Please, keep in mind that if you don't follow these rules, you may put at risk your commercial agreement with the Seller.


Don't forget to check our Documentation and Hotel-X Schema for further information.