What to do when you receive "QUOTA_EXCEEDED" or "Payload too high" errors?

When you receive an error saying "QUOTA_EXCEEDED", what that means is that the timeout set in the request or the timeout established in your settings is exceeded and Hotel-X is not able to return all the product available.

When you receive the error "Payload too high", the reason is that the size of the response is surpassing the size limitation we've established for optimal performance.

How do I resolve these errors?

The "QUOTA_EXCEEDED" error can be avoided by increasing the timeout set in the query or in your settings, which should allow the supplier to send us the whole product in time.



The "Payload too high" error is more complex because it involves reducing the quantity of options returned. We highly recommend you to do this change only if strictly necessary. To do this, you'll need to change the parameter "optionsQuota" that you'll find in the request,


or changing it directly in your default settings.


We recommend that you start by trying different "optionsQuota" values in order to test if the error persists (reducing it gradually until the error is no longer returned ) and then change it in your settings.

The parameter "optionsQuota" is limited above by Hotel-X for performance reasons. Also bear in mind that changing the "optionsQuota" should only be done if it is strictly necessary. Travelgate can help you to set this value to fit the seller's requirements.