I have received a "QUOTA_EXCEEDED" - "VALIDATION_ERROR". What does it mean?

This error is returned in those cases the timeout set in your request or the timeout established in your settings is exceeded and our system is not able to returned all the product available:

    "data" : {
        "error" : "{\"data\":{\"hotelX\":{\"search\":{\"auditData\":null,\"context\":\"CONTEXT\",\"options\":null,\"errors\":[{\"code\":\"QUOTA_EXCEEDED\",\"type\":\"VALIDATION_ERROR\",\"description\":\"too many options to return\"}],\"warnings\":null}}}}"


This error can be avoided by increasing the timeout set in your Query or in your settings, in order to allow the Seller to provide us the whole product in time.


You will find more information on Hotel-X errors and warnings on our API Documentation.