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Seller (Supplier) Code

Each Seller  in our marketplace has been assigned its own TGX code. Therefore, at the end of the activation, our team will provide you with the required credentials and the context/code of the concerned Seller.

This code is required to request most of the methods of our APIs.

Example using Seller World2Meet (code W2M)

Hotel Buyers HotelX API

"context": "W2M",

Hotel Buyers Legacy API


How do I find out the code/context for a Seller?

If you are connected to our HotelX API, you can launch the Admin method with your API key and it will return the connections you have and the provider code in each case.

RS Admin Example:

"supplier": {
"supplierData": {
"code": "SUN2"

Another way would be to check your connections on our TravelGateX website, in the Products SetUp section. You can check this way if you use any of our two APIs.

Once you are in your product page, you have to open the corresponding folder and use the Filter entities to search for any access or provider. Once filtered, you will see the following information for each connection:

As you can see, the code will appear in one of the columns.

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