Should I add the "auditTransactions" field tgo my queries and mutations? When should I set it to true and when to false?

By adding the "auditTransactions" field to your queries and mutations you will be able to obtain packed in the response, both the raw request and response we made/received form the Seller.


Even though it is a great feature to add to all your Booking flow and Booking management methods, we have some recommendations:

  • Search: We recommend to set the "auditTransactions" value to false, otherwise response will be much heavier and thus affect the API performance.
    Exception: In case you receive errors from the Seller and would like to check the origin of the issue, you can set it to true.
  • For the rest of the methods you can set it to "true", so you always know what is the raw request and response we made to the Seller. And thus, in case an error is returned, know from where it is coming.