Reduce traffic and response time: save up to 80% of total hits to your system while boosting sales.

At TravelgateX, we have always looked for ways to exceed our partners’ changing needs. One of those needs is to reduce traffic and response times. Now and thanks to Speed, it is possible to save up to 80% of total hits to your system and reduce response times. 

Why Speed?

  • Use Speed to improve the quality of the connectivity by reducing hits and time responses.
  • Enable the connectivity in between clients and suppliers that require a very low time response.
  • As a result, Speed will boost sales, reduce overall costs and most importantly, keep your client happy.

Who can benefit from Speed?

    • Suppliers
      • whose systems’ can not handle the load or take a long time to return results. 
      • that want to provide their product to clients in record time being able to  drive more sales.
      • that need to reduce traffic (hits) avoiding extra costs to provider’s infrastructure. 
    • Buyers: 
      • partners that require a very low response time due to the nature of business, xml, b2b, metasearch partners, etc. 
      • that want to get the product faster in their system thus surpassing the limits of suppliers’ system.

What problems does Speed solve?

  • Avoid high volume of hits coming from same requests made at different period of times.
  • Avoid long time response to return results.
  • Suppliers’ systems fail and go down.


  • Enable connections with more benefits in between clients and suppliers.
  • Increase bookings by ensuring a high percentage of fast and valid response rates.
  • Keep serving products even when suppliers' systems are down.
  • Cost-effective: reduce hits up to 60-80%.


      • Smart demand-based auto-caching system.
      • Fast and easy deployment.
      • Cost-effective.

      Want to try it? Please contact our Sales Team using the "Submit a ticket" option on the top right handside of our KB main page.

      Transactions types:

      There are 4 types of transactions (Basic, Speed, Optimized and Scheduler). Below is explained every type:

      • BASIC (Blue): It is the standard transaction. A buyer is connected with a supplier without any addon in this connection.
      • SPEED (Green): It is the transaction sent by a buyer when this connection uses Speed (Cache - HCHE). This request don't arrive to the seller, it remains in Travelgate.
      • SCHEDULER (Red): This kind of transaction only affects to static content (Hotel list, info hotel, etc). A transaction is tagged with this type when the info requested is stored in Travelgate's Database (Offline).
      • OPTIMIZED (Gray): This type are the requests sent by Travelgate to load internal databases. There are two sources:
        • Speed: When the info requested by a buyer with a Speed transaction isn't available in our DB, Travelgate sends a request to the seller to obtain the info.
        • Scheduler: When the time to get all static info from a seller is too high, Travelgate loads this info asynchronously to be possible offer this info to buyers in short time.