Incorrect Static Data

Mandatory fields in HotelList response

Sometimes, when downloading static content from different Sellers, we see that the response of the hotelList varies between them. It could be that some Giata codes, contact information or PaymentOptions are displayed and others are not. This is usually when Buyers ask us about whether there are some fields that are mandatory to receive in the response of this method. Well, there are indeed!!

All Sellers must submit minimum fields/information for each hotel, and if this information is missing, the hotel will not be shown in the static response.

Please check our documentation to find out which fields are mandatory:



Now that you know which fields are mandatory, if you notice that an optional field is missing, you should first check with the Seller directly why they do not send it and whether they can implement it or not, and in case they can, after implementation we can check to show it on our side as well.

If however, a mandatory fields does not appear in the hotel information, please report the case to our Customer Care Team.


*Note: We recommend that hotel lists are updated on a regular basis (e.g. every 7 days) in order to receive the most updated portfolio from your Sellers.

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