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Stats: Realtime connectivity performance dashboard

Monitor and evaluate the performance of each of your connections in TravelgateX on a real-time minute-by-minute basis: volume requests, errors, response times, L2B and more.

How can I use Stats? 🔍

Once you have logged in on our App, go to Features tab and click on Stats. By default you will see your performance dashboard for all your connections in the last hour.


You can update the filters and target your search selecting: 

    • Time range 
    • Traffic type


📚 What does 'traffic type' refers to? 


  • BASIC (Blue): It is the standard transaction. A Buyer is connected to a Seller without any other solutions to the connection.
  • SPEED (Green): It is the transaction sent by a Buyer when this connection uses our Speed solution. This cache solution blocks this request from reaching the Seller's system. 
  • SCHEDULER (Red): This kind of transaction only refers to static content (Hotel list, info hotel, etc). A transaction is tagged with this type when the info requested is stored in TravelgateX's Database (Offline).
  • OPTIMIZED (Gray): These are requests sent by TravelgateX to feed our internal databases. There are two sources:
    • Speed: When the info the Buyer requests in a connection with Speed activated is not stored already in our DB, TravelgateX sends a request to the Seller to obtain it.
    • Scheduler: When the time it takes to get all the static info from a Seller is too high, TravelgateX downloads this info asynchronously in order to send this info to the Buyers in shorter, more acceptable time period.


What data does Stats provide me? 📊

Stats provides valuable information with all request types or with a detail view by Search, Quote, Book, Cancel and Other. For all of them, you will be able to gain a general connection overview to a more detailed performance insight. 


Being able to monitor performance and solve any traffic or connection issues as soon as it possible is key to your business. Stats provides the following performance metrics and functionalities at both connection and access level:

  • Total of volume requests and percentage by type (Search, Quote, Book, Cancel)
  • Total of volume and percentage of successful requests (OK)
  • Total and percentage of errors split by error type
  • Average response time
  • L2B (Look To Book)
  • Transaction error logs to download