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Working with Channel Managers via TGX: Benefits & Features

Channel Managers made easy. As your business grows, your direct stock grows with it. Connecting to Channel Managers nowadays is a must, but it can prove not only difficult but also costly and time-consuming.

Inventory connects you to 40+ Channel Managers allowing you to concentrate on your contracting in order to get the best rates and availability available, directly from the hotels.

With Inventory, you will be able to connect seamlessly to all the major Channel Managers presenting you with the opportunity to get an edge over your competitors. Get the connection up and running in minutes instead of months.

Your contracting team will love it. And your business will take notice.


  • Increase bookings by capitalizing on Channel Managers
  • Get hard to beat rates directly from hotels or local providers
  • Distribute globally your own contracted product.


  • Friendly UI
  • Inventory management area in back-office
  • Fast go-to-market

Find out more watching these helpful videos📽️ and check our article of How to connect a Channel Manager via TravelgateX.