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Stats: the definitive guide to our Connections Dashboard

Dashboard to view your connections' performance and data.

Stats allows our Partners to monitor and evaluate the performance of each of their connections, including number of bookings, response times, errors, etc.

Stats will allow you to evaluate your API performance on a real-time minute-by-minute basis , uncover problems and issues virtually before they cost you money.

How to use Stats?

Once you have accessed our platform on travelgatex.com, go to Apps tab and click on Stats.

Then, configure and apply filters to your search by selecting: 

    • Your search as Buyer or Seller
    • Select the organizations
    • Select the clients / suppliers
    • Select the time range


Stats offers the possibility to target results by error type and ranges. So it makes it easier to find out those connections that are under-performing:

What type of data does Stats provide?

Stats provides valuable information on different requests types: searches, quotes and bookings. For all of them, you will be able to monitor from a general overview to a single connection.

Stats provides following performance metrics:

    1. Total of volume requests by type (searches / quotes / Books)
    2. Total of volume of successful requests (OK) 
    3. Total of Errors split by error type 
    4. Response Time
    5. Performance: L2Q (Look To Quote) and L2B (Look To Book).

When selecting the time range for specific dates, please remember that Stats Time Zone is UTC. As our Stats-Website will take the configured time of your browser, you might need to readjust the time to UTC. This is an example of how it works for a user located in Spain (UTC + 2 from April to October):

    • Time range desired : 07-08-2020 12:00 - 08-08-2020 14:00
    • Time range to enter (UTC): 07-08-2020 10:00 - 08-08-2020 12:00

Transactions types:

There are 4 types of transactions (Basic, Speed, Optimized and Scheduler). Below is explained every type:

  • BASIC (Blue): It is the standard transaction. A buyer is connected with a supplier without any addon in this connection.
  • SPEED (Green): It is the transaction sent by a buyer when this connection uses Speed (Cache - HCHE). This request don't arrive to the seller, it remains in Travelgate.
  • SCHEDULER (Red): This kind of transaction only affects to static content (Hotel list, info hotel, etc). A transaction is tagged with this type when the info requested is stored in Travelgate's Database (Offline).
  • OPTIMIZED (Gray): This type are the requests sent by Travelgate to load internal databases. There are two sources:
    • Speed: When the info requested by a Buyer with a Speed transaction isn't available in our DB, Travelgate sends a request to the seller to obtain the info.
    • Scheduler: When the time to get all static info from a Seller is too high, Travelgate loads this info asynchronously to be possible offer this info to Buyers in short time.


  • Monitor your API performance on a real-time basis and with each or your connection.
  • Solve any traffic or connection issues as soon as it has been tracked
  • You don't need to track and store all information in your systems, we do it for you!


  • Real-time stats
  • Multiple visualization swimlanes as Buyer, Seller, accesses...
  • Multiple visualizations ways
  • Stats can be use also through our GraphQL API.
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