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Timeout Settings

How to set your timeout values in order to make the most of your connections.

Is it mandatory to specify a timeout in my request?

Yes, you should set a timeout value in all booking flow queries and mutations.


Which timeout should I establish in each step?

It will depend on your preferences and needs. Our recommendation is to test which timeout fits your needs better, taking into account the number of hotels requested and the Seller specifications/restrictions.

Hotel-X API allows for:

  • A maximum of 25.000ms in Search.
  • A maximum of 180.000ms in Quote.
  • A maximum of 180.000ms in Book.

Please note that timeout values higher than those recommended will not be applied. E.g. for a timeout over 25000ms in SearchRQ, our system will apply a maximum of 25000ms.


Timeout Settings in Hotel-X Buyers API

You can either set this information at a request level, within your "settings":

    "settings": {
      "context": "xxx",
      "client": "xxx",
        "testMode": true,
        "auditTransactions": false,
        "timeout": 24700,

Or you can set a default timeout value to be applied in your API Settings - more information here.

Note that it's not possible to set a different timeout value for each providers when requesting multimode, it will be applied to all your providers.


Timeout Settings in Hotel Buyers Legacy API

If you are using our Legacy API, note that the timeout setup has to be done on your side at a request level through the timeout parameter: timeoutMilliseconds:

  • Specifying the HUB's Timeout allows you to set up the time limit for the current request.
  • Please note that HUB Timeout value should be at least 300 ms above the Supplier's timeout tag in order to have enough time to parse the supplier's response.



Involving the Seller in establishing the optimum timeouts will make for a better connection!