Quickguide to Traffic Optimizer

Our Traffic Optimizer reduces unnecessary traffic and enhances performance.

Searching for availability in hotels that for some reason don't not convert isn't just annoying, it's a waste of money. This is one of the industry's biggest problems, one that is almost regarded as "normal" by many travel industry players.

We understand the cost that handling "useless" traffic has on every part of the connectivity chain. So we came up with a solution that provides intelligent optimization of the connections in our #network.

How does it work?

Traffic Optimizer is applied to a particular connection, a particular Buyer-Seller relationship, and it analyses data gathered from all the transactions taken place in our marketplace to identify and blacklist hotels that did not convert the previous day.

  1. AI based optimization criteria:
    1. No Availability: detects hotels with 100% no availability during the previous 24 hours.
    2. No Bookings:  automatically blacklists hotels with 0 bookings by analyzing all reservations of the Seller with any Buyer they have connected.
    3. Portfolio: blocks hotel codes not available in the Seller's portfolio
  2. Blacklist: hotels that match the criteria will be blacklisted.
  3. Block searches: if blacklisted hotels are requested, searches for those hotels will be blocked avoiding unnecessary traffic.


    You can exclude hotels from this blacklist. Moreover, each hotel in the blacklist could be temporarily available a set amount of time in order to re-check conversion. This grace period is activated by default in the "no bookings" criteria.

    Use cases:

    Buyer X has activated Traffic Optimizer on its connections using the criteria "No Availability".

        • Day 1: "Hotel XXX" returned 100% no availability.
        • Day 2: Criteria "No Availability" is applied for "Hotel XXX", so it will be blocked and won't receive requests except for a limited period (temporary whitelist) during this day.
        • Day 3: "Hotel XXX" is automatically removed from the blacklist.
        • Day 4: if "Hotel XXX" returned 100% no availability on day 3, it will be blocked again.

    Buyer X has activated Traffic Optimization for its connections with the criteria "No Bookings".

      • Day 1:  Traffic Optimization notifies "Hotel TGX " has never been booked by any of the Buyers connected to the same Seller.
      • Day 2: Criteria "No Bookings" is applied for "Hotel TGX", so it will be blocked and won't receive requests except for a limited period (temporary whitelist) during this day.
      • Day 3: "Hotel TGX" will remain blacklisted, but temporary whitelisted to give it a chance to convert.
      • Day X: If "Hotel TGX" has been booked in the temporary whitelisted window or has received a booking from any other Buyer in TravelgateX the day before, the hotel is automatically removed from the blacklist. 


      • Save time and benefit from our intelligent optimization. Traffic Optimizer analyses data from all transactions in our marketplace.
      • Once activated, Traffic Optimizer improves your connections' performance immediately:
        • Reduces response times.
        • Improves L2Bs.
        • Reduces Traffic (Searches).

      Who can use Traffic Optimization?

      At the moment, only selected Partners can test our tool. If you have received an invite, congratulations! If you are interested in activating this feature, please contact our team.

      Traffic Optimizer is only available for connections via Hotel-X Buyers API. 


      Relevant information:

      • All criteria (No Availability, No Bookings and Portfolio) can apply at the same time. However, we recommend starting one by one.
      • When T.O is activated, you will receive the following error and warning when requesting blacklisted hotels:
            •  "Code": "BLACKLIST" 
            • "TYPE". "PLUGIN_ERROR"
            • "description": "Access: "XXXX" has no codes left after filter hotel codes.