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What KPIs can be monitored with Insights-X?

Monitor and improve your business performance by accessing the most relevant KPis

Travel Industry insights will help you to improve your business. This is just an example of KPIs that Insights-X offers.

Use them to:

    • Understand real market behaviour
    • Predict occupancy, price, demand, bookings, cancellations, etc, 
    • Project future performance on different levels.

This is just an example of use cases:




Check In

Check in date in UTC

Understand the number of check-ins in a period of time

Num. of Nights

Length of stay

Oversee and understand travellers length of stay

Booking Window

Period of time between the reservation is made and the arrival date to the hotel

Identify trends in advance to adapt marketing strategies


Guest market source

Discover who is travelling to each destination

Num Rooms

Quantity of rooms

Understand how travellers book and adapt your offers to the demand


Number of guest split by adults, children, infants

Monitor how travellers book and travel

Amount Booking

Confirmed bookings with the amount in EUR

Know and compare the spent on each destination from each market 


Country, zone 1 and 2, city of destination

Monitor bookings at different destination levels

Cancel date

Cancel date in UTC

Oversee and detect patterns on cancellations of your bookings