Working with TGX if you are an accommodation supplier

No more development queues to connect to clients. Own your time-to-market by developing our Hotel Pull Sellers API.

  • Recommended for: Bedbanks, Booking Engines, Property Management Systems (PMS), Tech Platforms, Wholesalers, Hotel Chains

  • Requirements: API required, Development required

1. Develop & Certify

In record time and with the support of TravelgateX team, your first bookings are waiting for you!

tutorial_seller_1· Start development using our intuitive, easy-to-follow documentation

· Need a hand with the dev work? Support via TGX Help Center

·All done? Apply for certification via our Help Center

2. Find a Partner and Connect

Decide how do you want to connect

tutorial_seller_2· I want to be a Premium Partner and will assume traffic and connectivity costs.

· I want to be a Standard Seller: Buyers will request the connectivity and assume the costs. 

Remember: you will need to to have a commercial agreement with the Buyer you want to get connected with.


3. Monitor and Optimize

You are ready to start selling. TravelgateX App provides the necessary tool to boost your business!

tutorial_seller_3· Complete and publish your profile in our Network. Let Buyers find you!. 

· Use our Apps to monitor and optimize your connections: Stats, Logging, Alerts, etc.