1. I'm a Buyer
  2. Getting started as a new buyer

What kind of agreements and rates are available for buying?

Generally talking, our business model is based on clients paying in order to have access to the portfolio of product/suppliers available on our hub.
As a buyer you will be able to select your preferred alternative as follows:

a) Transaction-based, where 3 criteria apply:
1. One-off Activation fee per supplier,
2. Maintenance Monthly fee per integration activated, and
3. X€ per million requests

b) Fee-per-booking, where 2 combined criteria apply:

1. One-off Activation up per supplier, and

2. Fee per every booking that will depend on the volume of bookings and its conversion rate meaning average number of requests per booking


I'm a buyer with... Standard Seller Selective Seller Premium Seller

Standard contract


Buyer per booking contract

Premium contract OK OK OK


Do I have to pay for each supplier activation?

Yes, there is a set-up fee for each supplier connected (except Premium Partners).