What is Channel-X?

An aggregating solution allowing you to receive the product you contracted with different Channel Managers in your own system via a unique, standardized API.

Channel-X extracts the product loaded by Channel Managers into our Inventory tool and pushes it directly into  the system of a TravelgateX Partner, normally an OTA ( (a Buyer). 

Using Channel-X, you can choose when and what product to refresh - it's a fully customizable and efficient tool in keeping your prices, availably and inventory up to date - the perfect middle-man between your system and the channel managers you are connected with! 

How it works

1. Channel-X is a solution integrated with Inventory
The connection with Channel Managers has a previous step in which the Buyer, using the Inventory extranet, configures the setup of the hotels, rates and rooms contracted with the hoteliers so the Channel Manager can map & synch all this information.

2. Inventory receives and store the data
Once mapped, the Channel Manager will load and update availability and prices for the hotels and rates configured.

3. Channel-X pushes the information to your system
Each update received from the Channel Manager, gets pushed into your system.

4. Booking flow
Please bear in mind that in order to perform a full booking flow, you'll also need to be connected to Hotel-X Buyers API as the book step is performed via Hotel-X


  • Having the product on your system allows you to build and show price calendars.
  • Product full sync product whenever you need it
  • Reduce network latency for availability searches as you won’t need to reach an external system.

Learn more! 📖

You will find more information on Channel-X functionalities and API specification in our Documentation Site: Channel-X.