What is DMC-X?

Our supersonic solution for destination specialists who want to take their business to the next level

DMC-X is a solution aimed at destination specialists who want to make the jump from offline distribution to online and at the same time reach over 300 buyers already connected to the largest travel marketplace in the world.

DMC-X offers the complete solution to unify the loading of your hotels and rates into
one single database - our Inventory extranet. Once your product has been loaded,
you can then apply different pricing rules and filters to each of your clients using our
markups interface Distribute.

Save time and focus your resources in selling your product to our portfolio of clients
without the need to have your own API. Over 300 OTA’s and distributors are already
working with us and trust us to expand their business - these companies are
searching for specialized product and travel services covering different destinations.

Let’s grow together!