What exactly is Hotel-X and why should I develop it?

Whether you want to aggregate or not, Hotel-X has got you covered. It's your business, it's your call.

The Hotel-X API is a GraphQL based powerful aggregating API. A single connection provides you a gateway to the largest Network of Buyers and Sellers, trusted by industry leaders and niche providers around the world.

Connecting new Sellers have never been so easy - no extra developments, no maintenance.

What makes Hotel-X different?

The Hotel-X API aggregates results from multiple Sellers. Whether you prefer to aggregate at hotel level or at hotel and room type level, or even hotel, room type and rate plan level or don’t aggregate at all we got you covered. It’s your business, it’s your call.

And it doesn’t stop there: Hotel-X functionalities can be easily extended by adding our Apps. Any business need you might think of can be easily implemented. Do you want to avoid duplicate bookings? Add the "Booking Persistence" App. Want to search by Destination? No worries! Leverage the power and flexibility of Hotel-X Apps to get an edge over your competitors. Simple. Flexible. Beautiful.

Hotel-X is the industry’s first non-opinionated API that is fast becoming the new standard in travel connectivity.

Benefits and features

Some of the Hotel-X key benefits are: 

  • Multimode searches: Search in multiple Sellers with a single API request and using your own hotel codes.
  • Aggregate results: Apply business rules according to your needs and preferences. For instance, receive the cheapest option from each seller, from each hotel…
  • Apps: Customize your queries and lower computational costs with our Apps. Black listing, currency conversión, markup, commission…are just some of the Apps available on our Hotel-X API. Feel that none of them match your needs? No problem, we are always open to explore together new features that empower our Partners, so they thrive and succeed on our Marketplace.
  • Search by destination: You will be able to perform searches using destination codes, making sure that the Seller will always support the search. How? Hotel-X transforms each destination to a set of hotels, ensuring that the Seller will always receive a search by hotel codes.
  • Seller logic: Forget about worrying how many hotels can be requested to each Seller, Hotel-X automatically splits the search according to the max supported by the Seller.
  • Flexibility: Request only what you need and how you need it. You will be able personalize your own queries and mutations, requesting only the fields you need and naming them according to your preferences.
  • Performance: We know that every second counts, that's why our Partners can choose to operate with GraphQLX (REST JSON) so you increase performance and squeeze all out of every second.
  • Multiple feeds and portfolios: Hotel-X allows to consume multiple feeds (b2b and b2c) and having different portfolios through different accesses.
  • Storing: Hotel-X API stores every set of configurations in the form of accesses, so it is much more easier, less expensive (in terms of maintenance) and convenient for our Partners.
  • Malformed requests: Sometimes it is being requested for something that it is not supported by the Sellers (like requesting more days or pax per room than supported), in those cases Hotel-X automatically returns an error, avoiding the request to be sent to the Seller.

Learn more about Hotel-X on our documentation.