What is the difference between access and context?

When you are delivered a new HotelX Connection, you receive two items for each credential requested:

    • HotelX Access Code
    • Context Code

The difference between both is that the HotelX Access Code is the item that contains your credentials with your Supplier, and the Context Code is the internal TGX Code needed to use the original Supplier Hotel Codes.


In case you create and use your own mapping with your own hotel codes directly in TGX, this context code will be the one that you define in the Mapping Files. Are you wondering how to create and use your own mappings on TGX? Please check this article.


On the other hand, please note that each Supplier will have a different Context Code, and the same Supplier will have two different Contexts, depending on if it's for Live or for Test. In order to know which is the context, please note that in the Accesses List you have a column called "Context". There you will find each Context for each Access:


Don't you know how to arrive at this panel? Please check this article: https://knowledge.travelgatex.com/hotel-x-credentials