What is TravelgateX?

We are The global marketplace for the travel trade.

TravelgateX is a connectivity platform - we build world-class technology for the travel industry. A single connection provides your gateway to the largest network of buyers and sellers, trusted by industry leaders and niche providers around the world.

Previously, a travel agency or website would have to integrate with each supplier’s API independently in order to view or offer their product or service.

Today, one connection to TravelgateX provides instant access to a world of travel opportunities enabling rapid integration and faster time-to-market.


Connect the world enabling memories that are shared across generations.


Bring the Global Travel Industry closer together.


Three pillars


Connect to the largest travel network with a single integration.


World class technology with the most advance travel APIs available.


Trusted by industry leaders and niche providers everywhere.


Find out how TravelgateX came to be direct from our very own founder clicking on the link below: