What is TravelgateX's business model?

Our business model is very simple - we only ever charge one side of each connectivity.

Our Network are formed by Buyers (the demand side) and Sellers (the supply side). Buyers are typically OTAs, Tour Operators, Wholesalers, etc. Sellers suppliers of hotel product, such as DMCs, Bedbanks, wholesalers, channel managers, etc. 

Who can I connect to?

Premium Partners - Sellers whose connectivity is always free to any Buyer in our Network. They will always cover Travelgate's connectivity cost in order to sell to any Buyer in TGX.

Standard Sellers - These Partners do not incur any fees from Travelgate in order to sell to our Buyers. In order to connect to this Partner type, the Buyer must have a commercial agreement with TGX and cover the connectivity cost.

Buyers - in order to connect to any Seller who is not a Premium Partner, a Buyer in TravelgateX must have a commercial agreement with us, as they take care of the connectivity fees.

Scenario 1:

Buyer wants to connect to a Standard Seller. In this case, the Buyer will need to arrange a commercial agreement with Travelgate in order be able to access the full portfolio of Sellers available in TGX.

Scenario 2

Buyer wants to connect to Premium Partner. In this case, the Buyer does not need a commercial agreement with Travelgate, as the Premium Partner covers our connectivity fees. The Buyer just needs to be connected to our API, and the Premium Partner will request the activation of the integration between their systems.