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What kind of reports does Insights-X offer exclusively to TGX Partners?

Insights-X data helps you to monitor and improve your performance in TravelgateX

Insights-X provides Buyers and Sellers connected through TravelgateX powerful data so that they can analyse and monitor their performance. 

By accessing Insights-X datasets, you will be able to create your own reports or use our dashboards to monitor your connections, bookings and discover how to grow your business gaining more sales with your existing or new connections.

This is just an example of reporting you can create with Insights-X data:


This report shows you transactional information on searches, quotes, bookings, response times, errors, etc. Thanks to this data you will be able to:

      • Monitor your technical performance and improve your L2Bs
      • Know your top Buyers/ Sellers
      • Reduce response time and errors
      • Compare trends vs previous periods
      • Detect and solve technical errors


This reports provides detailed information of bookings, hotels, nights, destinations, portfolio, etc. Thanks to this data, you will be able to:

      • Monitor and analyse bookings and cancellations.
      • Understand your sales and source markets.
      • Buyers/ Sellers / Hotels most booked / cancelled.
      • Hotels Portfolio: optimize lower performance hotels for each connection.
      • Monitor the availability for your destinations and improve your L2Bs.


Gain a picture of your business' performance in TravelgateX. Benchmarking reports enable you to become more competitive in the travel industry, boost your bookings and increase your market share. 

      • Benchmark of destinations: compare your performance, bookings and revenues to your competitors. Monitor your daily rank and improve your visibility and sales in your destinations.
      • Benchmark of connectivities: compare how competitive you are with your connections and the market share you represent for them.
      • Benchmark of pricing: are your rates higher or lower than your competitors? Know how the market is behaving in your destinations.
      • Opportunities: do you know who is the best client or provider to connect? Meet new connections you can grow with through your markets or new destinations. 


This is just an example of reporting you can create by accessing our data. We have used Data Studio to create these visualizations, but our data is compatible with other BI tools (Power BI, MicroStrategy, Tableau, etc). 

Have a look to our report templates here:

- Demo Buyer

- Demo Seller