Cancel Policy hoursBefore checkin date - What timezone is the checkIn date?

The deadline of the CancelPolicy is the final date on which no Cancellation fees will apply. After this date and until check-in, Cancellation fees will apply to the booking.

In the case the Seller informs this date in their response, we’ll simply return it in our deadline field in the response. However, some Sellers don’t return this date in their response, so our logic is to calculate it is as follows: Hours before - number of hours left (before check-in date) for the client to cancel without incurring penalties. This information is passed by the Seller.

* Worst-case scenario: there are countries with +13 UTC and others -13 UTC, so the worst-case scenario would be that a person in +13 performs a booking  -13. In this scenario, we apply to the deadline date the result the following logic: deadline = check-in date - 26 - Hours Before