Where can I see my connections?

To see all of your connections you should click at the My Connections button.

Then will appear as a list of connections. Every row is a partners connection and it contains at least one access. You can have multiple accesses for a unique connection. 

All accesses have information about their status, type and an indicator if it is active or inactive. 


Type identifies  if it is a test access or production access. The test access only can be used sending the test tag on the booking flow requests. 


Status identifies the activation step status. It can be :

  • Not Working that means the activations has failed for any reason and our Care team will review it
  • Pending that means the activation is running and should be change to other status automatically
  • Working means the activation is finished and you can use the access yet. It is necessary to activate it first.

Active indicates that he access is or not active. If it is not activated the access can’t be used in our booking flow.