Where I can get Hotel Confirmation Number (HCN)/ Hotel Reference Booking (HRB)?

When you confirm a Reservation through TGX  there are normally 2 Booking locators in our Reservation Response: the Buyer's locator (client locator) and the Seller's locator (provider locator).

The Seller may also provide a third type of locator, issued by the hotel when it confirms the booking. This is known as the Hotel Confirmation Number (HCN) or Hotel reference booking (HRB). We are currently only able to provide this code if the Seller provides it their response to us. Find the list of our suppliers who return this information:

GRN Connect
Sabre Hospitality Solutions

In case the Seller provides this reference number, it will be returned on the Reservation/Book and the Reservation Information/Bookings Methods, to be exact, on the “reference” -> “hotel” node (on Hotel-X API), and on <PropertyReservationNumber> (on the Legacy API).


The Seller confirmed that they return this locator but you cannot see it on our Reservation Response? Submit a ticket to our customer care team in order to investigate the case.