Where I can get Hotel Reference Booking (HRB) if the supplier provides it?

When you confirm a Reservation through TGX normally in our Reservation Response there are 2 Booking locators: the Client one, and the Supplier one.

Sometimes we have been asked for the Hotel reference booking (HRB), but unfortunately if the Supplier do not send us this information, we don’t have it available.

In case the Supplier returns us this locator, it will be returned on the Reservation/Book and the Reservation Information/Bookings Methods, to be exact, on the “reference” -> “hotel” node (on HotelX API), and on <PropertyReservationNumber> (on the Legacy API).

Please note that this information will be only for your internal use. You won’t be able to cancel the bookings with this locator.

The supplier confirmed you that they return this locator but you cannot see it on our Reservation Response? Submit a ticket to our customer care team in order to investigate the case.